“Now, they say Jidenna why you dressing so classic? I don’t want my best dressed day in a casket…”

-Jidenna, Long live the Chief


Life is full of paradoxes; no life itself is a bloody paradox. It is called life yet, without reason, they majority of circumstances in which a man finds himself generally contributes to the complete erasure of that man’s life. The end game here, it seems, is to dodge death and its advances for as long as humanly possible until you can escape no more, when death becomes victor. Continue reading “LIFE: COLD, HOT AND ALL (II)”


When demigods gift you things II

Tomisin was shocked at my question but he replied me nonetheless,

“Why do you ask?”

His shocked expression only made me smile, a little. Our friendship began that warm afternoon and it didn’t stop there. Tomisin would bring different genres of books to Mama Omachi’s house on Saturdays. We developed a routine which Mama Omachi joined in with her constant supply of snacks and drinks, while we hosted and discussed books we’ve read. Continue reading “When demigods gift you things II”


Please do not be swayed by that title, this story is not about any mishap or any form of disturbance in Ekiti State, no sir, what then is it? Well it is an account of a travel to my state of Origin. I was born and spent a huge part of my life in Lagos, so travelling to Ekiti for the first time in my wise and knowledgeable years deserves to be recorded and since I wasn’t with a camcorder, I felt writing would suffice, so please enjoy.


The last time I went to Ekiti state was twelve years ago and on the 24th September, 2017, I got to travel again. I got to the park by 10:15 am and what I met was not what I had bargained for. First there were hundreds of passengers waiting and most of them were students returning to their schools after the strike had been called off, but what baffled me more was 70% of the students there were also going to Ekiti- Ado to be precise – the same place I was headed, so you can imagine the hustle for bus, I knew I had to prepare well because the struggle was real.

Continue reading “THE MENACE AT EKITI”