When demigods gift you things II

Tomisin was shocked at my question but he replied me nonetheless,

“Why do you ask?”

His shocked expression only made me smile, a little. Our friendship began that warm afternoon and it didn’t stop there. Tomisin would bring different genres of books to Mama Omachi’s house on Saturdays. We developed a routine which Mama Omachi joined in with her constant supply of snacks and drinks, while we hosted and discussed books we’ve read. Continue reading “When demigods gift you things II”


ENTHUSING OVER SUBTLE ARTS: Reclaiming annihilated human emotions

This subtopic shouldn’t be an ‘enthusing over subtle art’ entry but psychology is the art of analyzing the human behavior and unless you’re experiencing serious denial, you would agree that hate is a topic worth discussing. I had wanted to discuss the topic from a religious angle but that would be defeating the generality of the topic so if you read this article, take time out for introspection. Continue reading “ENTHUSING OVER SUBTLE ARTS: Reclaiming annihilated human emotions”

ENTHUSING OVER SUBTLE ARTS: On Finding One’s Authentic Self


Querencia (n): A place from which one’s strength is drawn, where one feels at home; the place where you are your most authentic self.



Growth is a characteristic of living things that is ubiquitous in its meaning. In the present day world, personal growth -like physical growth- is encouraged. Finding our authentic self, our most authentic self, is an art that needs human perfection. As I am a big fan of definitions (because I see it as a getaway into my head), it would be a feather in this hat if I define what one’s authentic self means to me.

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FINDING ARTSY IN STRANGE PLACES : (Scarves, Thoughts, Myself, amongst other things).

“Giving an advice is a very good thing but nothing compares to living that advice.”


The above quote is not one dropped by a magnificent historical figure nor an awe-inspiring twenty-first century role model, it’s just a mantra I have decided I should keep as close as possible. I had written an article a little over a month and a half ago about writing and while going through it recently, I wondered if I’d indeed written it. As it is, I procured possible methods/views which was aimed at debunking a few notions behind writing and God help me because I hadn’t written any tangible piece in that space of time.

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