Are You One of the Divergents?

Ordinarily, I’d have started this article with a question,something rowing along the tide of the subject matter, but I feel as though that would defeat the whole purpose, hence, this rant.

Have you ever received weird, demeaning and downright debasing looks/comments for acting, looking or just existing outside the box that the world chooses to lump you in? I can detect ‘yes’ shooting from all cardinal points and believe me, I understand how you feel. Literally.


According to the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary that I got in 100lvl ( I wasn’t yet exposed to FUNAAB’s social life-crippling superpowers), divergence is following a different direction, being or becoming different. That being said, we can conclude that the average human being will become divergent at a point in their life. I mean, you would have certainly exhibited a form of defiance as regards societal norms, thus at that instance, you’ve followed a ‘different direction’, so living in this norm-obsessed world might not be that much pain in your butt. But those individuals who were born different or who have fallen into the welcoming embrace of divergence, those ones,
Those ones have it BAD.

Case Scenario…

A girl happens to have being admitted into a higher institution to study a prestigious course, like say, Law. The societal expectation is that she lives up to every standard of a typical law student and I kid you not, this expectation entails;

(1) Poisoning your social life and watching it die a pathetic death,
(2) Looking like that girl you use to pity,
(3) Burying whatever talent/passion you have that, according to the norm, doesn’t ‘go well’ with your course.

You can add to this list as you deem but for now, lets work with this.
Yes, the babe should set out to excel in her course of study and this is a good thing but the society conveniently forgets that acquiring a degree is not the sole purpose of a higher institution. Building ties, finding one’s self, becoming a better individual, making mistakes, decisions and choices, all of these encompass the low key lessons educationists had in mind when they came up with the idea of ‘higher education’, at least, I sincerely hope so.

A boy who loves dress-up for females  is in hot soup and only for being a BOY who loves dressing females up. His sexuality, as well as his masculinity is usually under question. Whoever designed a particular blueprint for being one thing where humanity is concerned? Every human term is subjective to a lot of factors and this is not a bad thing.
We complain that our husbands and fathers have lost their sensitivity and yet we force down any modicum of ‘softness’ exhibited by our sons. “A man is not supposed to softhearted because he’s a man”, so says the society. Will hell freeze over if he is a man and sensitive AND firm, all together?

Willing the youth to kill/neglect every thread, apart from the socially acceptable ones, that makes up their DNA is like sending a butterfly into the world and asking it to become ugly or to stop flying, you are fanning their deterioration not helping them grow. The society should teach this butterfly the art of being bright and beautiful without losing it’s main focus (which in this case would be searching flowers worth pollinating)

In Conclusion…

As a divergent peg that has fallen into social holes, I implore you to go into the higher institution/ the world as yourself, withstand the horrible storms and come out a better, brighter and growing ‘you’. You can like fashion and science (why must being a science whiz be equal to looking drab???) You can like spirituality and love socializing (life is not hard na). Hell! You can be a very straight guy who loves watching Indian movies (it’s not an open declaration of homosexuality) and finally, you can love literature and writing AND science (please ignore my obsession for science).

The world is growing at a rate that even the Flash can’t keep up, so be you and enjoy your divergence. Imbibe it when you can, become divergent if that is what you long for and ensure that you don’t give our messed-up society the power to make you a living shadow of your authentic self.


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