For the love of what makes my heart beat each morning, for the love of the opiate that steals me away from the harshness and sometimes deafening illogic of real life, for the love of spicing up our lives, for the love of lighting up someone’s face with words on a page, for the love of words, for the love of making sense, or just for the heck of it so I don’t die of not writing, I write.

So, the birth of this blog came from being under the influence of my very affectionate idiot savant of a friend, @thatothernigeriangirl, who writes with powerful rays of insights as easily as she breathes. She doesn’t like to admit it, but I believe she is one of the finest writers I have ever come across and one whose works Nigeria and the world will be grateful to read.

We shall be writing articles, reviews, and spinning yarns from the cockpits of our minds, and we hope that as you engage the bazillion other blogs on planet earth, you will continue to find the reason to visit our blog.

That’s enough! Let the posting begin!


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